The nature of excellence…

The essential qualities of being the best or truest of a kind.

The excellence of nature…

The infinite perfection in the works of creation.


Born and raised on a traditional farm in The Netherlands, Hendrikus Schraven first learned the natural methods of working the land from his Dutch father and neighboring farmers. His early work years gave him clear insights into structural applications and design, practical experience in land ecology and a strong ethic in the use of organics. Later, his classical European training in centuries-old methods of construction and landscape led him to a powerful partnership of knowledge, skill and a close connection to nature. In 1972 Hendrikus discovered the Pacific Northwest with its natural spirit and beauty. Within two years he established his landscape-construction operation in the greater Seattle area. His ties to Europe remained, however, and it was not until 1986, after wrapping up several landscape and construction projects in Europe, that he created the form and name of the company as it stands today.

Incorporating in 1987, the company has continued to expand its breadth, while never losing touch of the excellence for which it is known.

Mastery of all phases of landscape and exterior construction stems from Hendrikus’ European background and his many years of personal hands-on involvement in his projects. This knowledge he imparts to a skilled and capable crew.

His design concepts, his diverse skills, his integrity and demand for excellence continue to earn him the highest environmental and design awards given by local, state, national and international organizations… recipient of over 48 awards since 1988.