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Site and Project Management

To protect your investment the Hendrikus Group has rethought the entire process of site and project management to successfully implement a new way of managing project oversight. We carefully supervise every detail to protect you against blind spots and unintended consequences; integral to our 100 year vision.

Our solid expertise in all facets of the construction trades allows us to connect dots and foresee the unseen challenges. To avoid surprises, Hendrikus studiesthe most granular points; always with consideration for long term implications. A vision possible only by someone with a long track record of expertise, and the functional experience to back it up.

With over 40 years of experience and over 70 International Awards the Hendrikus group continues to implement a fully seamless style of integrated site and project management. To do so, Hendrikus Landscape + Design Group uses every tool imaginable; high-tech to low-tech to ensure a seamlessly effective and efficient process that achieves unique beauty, imagination and increases in property value.